Claude Lyons® EPC Series

Single Phase to Three Phase Converters (3 or 4 wire)

The Claude Lyons® EPC Series of electronic phase converters are single phase input to three phase output (3 or 4 wire) inverter systems.

They are microprocessor controlled, utilising SPWM technology (sinusoidal pulse width modulation) to produce a pure sine wave output.

Output power ranges from 20 to 300 kVA, and enclosure options range from IP00 to IP54 (images show standard IP22 model).

Solid state, low maintenance systems incorporate Infineon® IGBT inverter modules for performance and reliability.

Complete with LED display for live system status, with a remote monitoring option for sites which are not easily accessible.

Up to 300 kVA

Input Voltage +/- 15%

Output Accuracy +/- 1%

Maintenance Free

Claude Lyons Single to Three phase converters
EPC Electronic Phase Convertor Display and controls
EPC Electronic Phase Convertor rear fan cooling
EPC Electronic Phase Convertor side vents
Inside EPC Electronic Phase Convertor
  • SPWM technology generating a pure sine wave output
  • Robust, solid-state, low-maintenance system
  • Incorporating German IGBT inverter modules
  • IP00 to IP54 (IP22 shown in images)
  • LED display for live status
  • Automatic unbalanced load compensation
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat and short circuit protection system
  • CE approved
  • In-house engineering team for customised designs
  • Site survey / data logging service available
EPC System Additional Options

We offer optional extras to tailor the perfect solution to your application:

  • Circuit Breakers  / Fuses
  • Low voltage 110V/120V
  • Remote Monitoring & Alarms
  • Wheeled enclosure for use within test laboratories
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