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In addition to our range of auto-wound variable transformers, we supply power transformers, fixed auto-wound transformers, isolating transformers, buck-boost transformers and control transformers.

All of these units can be made to meet your bespoke requirements.

We incorporate some of our control transformers and buck-boost transformers in our range of automatic voltage stabilisers.

We also offer a range of energy-saving transformers for applications where the incoming supply voltage is reliably significantly higher than required.  Dropping the supply voltage by up to 12% could generate energy savings of up to 20% and prolong the life of equipment such as lighting and heating.

TEC Control Transformers

Control Transformers

Ratings from 50VA to 7.5kVA
  • Designed to deliver maximum power rating with minimum weight and size.
  • Available with a single or three phase supply
  • Varnish vacuum impregnated, and fitted with an earth screen between primary and secondary windings.
  • Floor or wall mounted steel cases are available across the whole range.
  • Choice of terminations: stud, block, copper busbar, or flying leads.
  • Bespoke specifications catered for: operation temperatures to class “H”, multiple windings, high voltage or heavy current designs: oil immersion.
TEC Power Transformers

Power Transformers

Ratings from 7.5kVA to 500kVA
  • Single or 3 phase, double wound or auto-wound, non-isolated, open type or enclosed, air cooled or oil immersed.
  • Bespoke designed to meet customers’ mechanical, thermal, and electrical requirements.
  • Wound with either paper covered or synthetic varnish covered copper wire, insulation between layers.
  • Vacuum impregnated in class “H” varnish.
  • Choice of terminations: stud, block, copper busbar, or flying leads.
  • Optional enclosures manufactured in house from mild sheet steel and come complete with detachable plates or conduit entries.
  • Optional extras: volt and ammeters, switches, circuit breakers.
TEC High Voltage Transformers

High Voltage Transformers

Ratings from 80 kV to 150 kV
  • TEC have over 60 years experience in the design and manufacture of high voltage transformers.
  • We can design and build transformers capable of developing up to 80 kV ac at ratings to 150 KVA
  • Air or oil insulated, dependent upon voltage and dimensional restrictions.
  • Typical applications include: test sets, water treatment, precipitator transformers
TEC High Voltage Isolation Transformer

High Voltage Isolation Transformers

Up to 140 kV DC
  • The Transformer & Electrical company have over 60 years experience in the design and manufacture of high voltage (stand off) transformers.
  • We can design and build transformers capable of isolating up to 140 kV dc secondary to earth.
  • Transformers are generally built as air or oil insulated, depending on voltage and dimensional restrictions.
  • Transformer shown: Typical valve transformer 6.4 volts output 40 kV dc isolated
TEC Transformer Rectifier Units

Transformer Rectifier Units

single, three or six phase
  • TEC manufactures a diverse range of transformer rectifier equipment, designed to customers’ specifications.
  • Single phase, three phase, or six phase silicon bridge units can be supplied.
  • Open or enclosed types available.
  • Units can be fitted with high-speed fuse links for the protection of high-power semiconductor devices, along with surge suppressors.
  • To regulate the D.C. output voltage, input taps can be incorporated, or for a stepless solution, the input can be fitted with a Claude Lyons Regavolt® variable transformer.
  • Ammeters and voltmeters can be fitted to measure A.C. or D.C. Smoothing circuits can also be incorporated.
TEC High Current Variable DC Power Supply

High Current Variable DC Power Supply

6000 + Amps
  • Custom thyristor controlled variable DC power supplies
  • Examples include:
    2-15 volts DC at 10,000 amps
    2-6 volts DC at 6000 amps
    0-200 volts DC at 1250 amps
    0-100 volts DC at 1250 amps
  • For more information on our capability in high current variable DC power supplies please contact our engineering team.
TEC Transformers Reactors


single or three phase
  • TEC can supply a diverse range of single or 3 phase iron-cored or air-cored chokes built to customers’ requirements.
  • Typical applications: input and output line reactors, inter bridge reactors, and swinging chokes.
TEC Transformers Reactors

Auto Starter Transformers

  • Ratings from 10 to 350HP. Larger horse powers may be catered for.
  • Operating voltages from 380 – 440 V. Alternative voltages can be catered for.
  • Starts per hour: 3, 12, OR 30
  • Tappings: 50%, 65%, AND 80% – alternative tappings can be catered for.
  • The basic construction is based on copper wound coils with a 3 limb core, firmly clamped between angle irons.
  • Choice of terminations is available.
  • All auto-starters are varnish vacuum impregnated and fully tropicalised. Over-temperature cutouts can be wound into one or all three coils. Auto-starter transformers can also be supplied in ventilated sheet steel enclosures.
TEC Transformers Reactors

Constant Voltage Transformers

TEC Transformers Reactors

Energy Saving Transformers

TEC Transformers Reactors

Transco / British Gas Standard Approved Transformers

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Railway Heater Transformers

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Railway Portable Tool Transformers

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Railway Dual Socket Portable Tool Transformer

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Auto Transformers

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Harmonic Cancellation Transformers

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Static Balancers

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Marine & Offshore Transformers

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TEC Transformers Reactors

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