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Claude Lyons is a global leader in designing and manufacturing advanced AC voltage control and energy-saving systems. Our acclaimed voltage regulators and stabilisers, embodying quality and innovation, set us apart.

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As a global leader, Claude Lyons excels in the design and manufacturing of AC voltage control, stabilisation, power conditioning, and energy-saving systems. Transitioning to our products, you’ll find our voltage regulators and stabilisers are universally acclaimed. They represent the pinnacle of both servo-mechanical and electronic stabilisation technology, making them the finest range available in the market. This seamless blend of quality and innovation is what sets Claude Lyons apart in the industry.

Why does my business need a Voltage Stabiliser?

Voltage Increase / Surge Correction

Reduces & regulates voltage to nominal user set values

Sag Correction / Voltage Drop

Increases and regulates voltage to nominal values

Energy Saving

Reducing voltages within statutory limits can save up to 25% of your energy costs

Cost Reduction for Long Cable Runs

Higher transmission voltages, with on-site reduction / regulation, can halve cable costs.

Automated Voltage Control and Stabilisation

Remote control of stabilised output voltages

Renewable Energy

Corrects renewable generated energy voltages prior to feeding to the grid

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