Elevate Your Data Center Reliability with Claude Lyons Electromechanical Voltage Stabilisers

Voltage Stabilisers for Data Centers

In the dynamic landscape of data centers, Claude Lyons, a trusted name in voltage control, offers robust solutions to safeguard critical infrastructure. Our electromechanical and electronic voltage stabilisers play a pivotal role in maintaining a steady power supply, shielding data centers from voltage fluctuations, surges, and brownouts.


Electromechanical Voltage Stabilisers

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our electromechanical stabilisers boast high accuracy and versatility. Ranging from 1.3 kVA to 1150kVA + . With wide input swing options of up to +/-50%, these stabilisers ensure consistent voltage delivery even in challenging conditions, making them ideal for sensitive equipment.

Whether it’s servers, switches, or backup systems, Claude Lyons stabilisers provide the stability data centers demand.


The Electronic Advantage

In the digital age, electronic voltage stabilisers emerge as game-changers. Our solid-state systems, ranging from 20 kVA to over 3000 kVA, offer rapid response times and maintenance-free operation. These stabilisers swiftly counter voltage deviations, ensuring seamless performance across data center racks. Whether it’s a sudden spike during peak loads or a dip during maintenance, Claude Lyons electronic stabilisers maintain equilibrium. Their independent phase control further enhances reliability, making them indispensable for mission-critical applications.

Choose Claude Lyons for unwavering power quality – the cornerstone of resilient data centers. Our stabilisers not only protect your equipment but also empower your operations, ensuring uninterrupted data flow and system integrity.

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