Regavolt and Portavolt Variable Transformers

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Regavolt® variable transformers are auto-wound variable transformers, incorporating a moving brush which can travel across the surface of an exposed part of the winding.  This acts as a variable tapping over the winding and allows the output to be adjusted from 0–100% and/or 0-113%, depending on the Regavolt® model. The 0-113% option is particularly useful in electrical, electronics, test and development workshops, and for testing products to ensure they meet British Standards.

The Regavolt Range

The latest Regavolt® range is the latest development in the long history of the brand.  It is now a registered trademark of The Allendale Group Limited, who are continuing the long tradition started when Claude Lyons introduced the variable transformer to the United Kingdom in 1933.

Regavolt® offers an extensive choice of ratings available in both single and three phase, with options on knobs, dials, motor drives and cases readily available.

In addition to our standard Regavolt® ranges, we also supply auto-wound variable transformers manufactured to meet customers’ bespoke requirements.

Regavolt Variable Transformers
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The Portavolt® 715 Series of enclosed variable auto-transformers are world renowned for their robust construction and reliable performance. Incorporating the latest generation of Claude Lyons 715 Regavolt® variable transformers and manufactured to the latest standards, they meet the requirements for a wide range of industries including laboratory, manufacturing, test, and educational applications.  The units are available with various metering and input/output connection options, and are fitted with shrouded 4mm test sockets for external meter connection.

  • Robust & rugged construction
  • Air cooled via natural convection
  • input and output via IEC 320 connectors
  • Bench or wall-mountable
  • High Efficiency
  • Thermal overload cut-out
  • Continuously variable output 0 to 115%
  • No harmonic generation
  • Carry handle for easy handling
  • No waveform distortion
  • 4mm shrouded outlet test sockets
  • Manufactured to meet BS EN 61558-2-14

Manufactured in the UK

Our Portavolts carry the official Made in Britain badge

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Portavolt Enclosed Variable Transformer
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Applications include:

Test and development

Lamp intensity control

Heating load control

Motor speed control

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