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powersdynamic-optimisationaveâ„¢ Energy management systems utilise innovative technology which helps companies reduce their energy bills by up to 25%. They work by reducing the mains voltage to the level required by electrical equipment, which is often considerably lower than the standard 240V. This eliminates wasted power and provides organisations with a simple way of reducing carbon footprint and contributing towards their carbon reduction commitments.

A division of UK-based Claude Lyons, the longest established company specialising in voltage control technologies, powersaveâ„¢ voltage optimisation is backed by over 80 years of experience in the field of high quality power control solutions.

Energy Saving Stabilisers 
The powersaveâ„¢ Energy Saving Regulator (ESS) offers the ultimate in performance by maintaining lightbulb
a regulated output even in locations where the mains supply fluctuates, delivering energy savings of up to 25%.

Energy Saving Transformers
The powersaveâ„¢ Energy Saving Transformer (EST) reduces input voltage by a fixed amount, making it ideal for sites with a reasonably stable supply. This reduction, which can be as much as 12%, prolongs the life of electrical equipment and helps organisations achieve energy savings of up to 20%.

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