MRI-ScannerOne of the major causes of failures or malfunction of medical equipment, particularly in developing countries, is unstable mains supply.

Claude Lyons have for many years manufactured mains voltage stabilisers which are widely used to regulate the supply to medical installations. Smaller models can control the supply to a single piece of equipment whilst larger units can provide bulk stabilised mains supply to a complete facility such as an operating theatre or laboratory, or a complete building.

Maintaining correct incoming mains supply voltage to many types of medical imaging equipment is crucial to obtaining consistently usable exposures. Claude Lyons automatic mains voltage stabilisers are used to provide stable voltage to X-ray, CT, MR and DMR installations and are particularly useful where the stability of the mains supply is doubtful, and also in mobile applications, where the quality of the power feed to the van or trailer is often questionable.

The increasing sophistication of other types of medical electronics demands that attention be paid to line voltage quality if errors and inaccuracies are to be avoided. Claude Lyons series TS® and MSB voltage stabilisers are well suited to such applications and are available to cover all power requirements from 1 kVA to several hundred kVA.

Ideally, stabilisers should be specified and supplied at the time of first installation but it is often only realised after the medical equipment is taken into service that unstable mains supply is the cause of problems.TS-Voltage Stabiliser