Electronic (Solid-state) Voltage Stabilisers

claude lyons SVR electronic stabiliser

Our electronic voltage stabilisers offer the same general functionality as our electromechanical voltage stabilisers without the internal moving parts, eliminating the need for maintenance of the servo motor and variable transformer brush.

The variable transformer and servo motor drive are replaced with an electronic voltage control system controlling the input.  The transformer is designed to “buck or boost” the input voltage and so maintain the pre-set stabilised output voltage.

Being maintenance-free, they are highly suited to remote applications and are ideal for more demanding environments.  They have been successfully deployed in more physically demanding locations subject to higher levels of vibration and movement and are highly effective in mobile applications.

These units are typically used to maintain the supply to within very small tolerances at a pre-set voltage.  We offer an extensive range of units both available from stock or built and supplied to meet customers’ particular specifications, ranging from 500VA to over 3000kVA in both single phase and three phase applications.

Our vast standard range offers various input swing options up to 50% for input supply voltages up to 450 volts. In addition, we have in-house engineering and design services available to complement our manufacturing facilities should you require a bespoke solution whatever your requirements, from IP00 to integrate within your existing systems to special indoor/outdoor enclosure designs. or specific customised options which are of course in addition to numerous basic options.


Robust technology

Output Accuracy up to +/- 1%

Rapid Response Time

Independent Phase Control





Engineering and Production


Calibration Laboratories

Mobile Applications

Military Supply Stabilisation

Engineering Infrastructure Support Projects

Energy Saving

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