Part of Claude Lyons’ extensive range of high-quality products, built to suit numerous applications

Drawing on the long history since 1926 of the former British Electric Resistance Company (BERCO®), whose products became part of the Claude Lyons range in 1976, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality resistors to a vast range of users including those in laboratory settings, industry and defence.

All Claude Lyons Berco® and Bercostat® resistive products are available with MOD and NATO codes to meet defence and maintenance requirements.

Bercostat® Rotary Rheostats – an extensive range of rotary rheostats to suit all industrial and laboratory needs comprising seven basic frame size models from 25 watts to 500 watts with ohmic values from 1Ω to 15kΩ. Available options include hand or motor driven, single or ganged, open or enclosed.

Berco® RA Fixed and Preset Resistors – a range of enamelled, silicone coated or open wire resistors available in power ratings from 20W to 380W with resistance, according to model, from 0.22Ω to 100kΩ.

Berco® Mica Card Resistors – ratings from 45W to 260W. Available in a wide range of resistances.

Berco® ‘J’ Coil Resistors – a helix of edge wound resistance strip, mounted on porcelain insulators which in turn are mounted on a steel support. The maximum surface area of the resistance material is exposed to the cooling air to give the maximum dissipation of heat and thus the highest possible rating. Available in ratings from 0.1Ω – 5.08Ω.

Berco® Tubular Fixed & Sliding Resistors – tubular resistors meet the demand for users requiring high dissipation capacities. Their robust construction readily lends them to many industrial and laboratory uses. Single and multiple-tube models are available. Ratings from 240W – 1080W 0.2Ω – 1.4KΩ.

View the BCR Series Rotary Rheostats Datasheet