Claude Lyons® PowerSave™ - Energy Saving

PowerSave™ Voltage Optimisation is an innovative technology which helps companies reduce their energy bills by up to 5-10%. It works by reducing the mains voltage to the level electrical equipment requires, which is often considerably lower than the standard 240V supply.

PowerSave Energy Saving Systems

Eliminate wasted power and reduce your carbon footprint 

Increasing energy costs mean that the financial rewards of an effective energy reduction strategy are greater than ever. For many organisations, the prospect of shaving 5-10% off electricity bills is extremely appealing, particularly when – unlike many cost-cutting exercises – it can be easily done without any impact on day-to-day operations.

Mains voltage supply is unnecessarily high and potentially damaging to equipment designed to operate at lower voltage levels. Reducing the voltage not only cuts your bills, it also lowers overall running and ownership costs by ensuring that equipment runs at optimum performance levels.

Our engineers carefully analyse data from each site to establish your potential savings, and then recommend a tailored energy saving strategy designed to maximise your savings and return on investment.

A division of UK-based Claude Lyons, the longest established company specialising in voltage control technologies, PowerSave™ Voltage Optimisation is backed by over 75 years of experience in the field of high quality power control solutions.

Typical savings of 5-10%

Carbon trust / Salix funding

Live monitoring of savings

Finance options available

PowerSave™ products are proven, highly efficient and deliver a return on investment with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements.

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