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The fluctuations in voltage supplied from the mains network can create all manner of problems, whether it’s equipment malfunction from low supply, or damage from high supply.  We’re a world increasingly dependent on complex and sensitive technology, and an unstable voltage supply means an increased risk of disruption and cost to your operations.

Take Control of Your Environment

Our electromechanical voltage stabilisers utilise a sophisticated digital electronic control system which continually monitors the output voltage and adjusts a motor-driven variable autotransformer.  The output is then fed directly to the output terminals on low-power units, or into a transformer designed to “buck or boost” the input voltage in our higher-power units. This means that even with a fluctuating mains supply voltage, the output can be adjusted and maintained at the desired and stable voltage level.

Using this tried and tested method, our stabilisers deliver highly cost-effective, rugged and reliable, stepless voltage stabilisation with the ability to maintain the output voltage precisely at the desired preset value, to within very small tolerances.

Inner workings of a Claude Lyons TS Voltage Stabiliser

Up to 4000 kVA

Wide Input Voltage Tolerance +/- 50%

Output Accuracy Better Than +/- 0.5%

Fast Response Time

Independent Phase Control

A Solution for Every Situation

We offer an extensive range of units available from stock.  If you have particular specifications, we can help with that too.

We design systems ranging from 350VA to over 1000kVA, in single phase and three phase applications.

Our vast standard range offers input swing options up to 50% for input supply voltages up to 450 volts. In addition to our stocked units we have in-house engineering and design services available to complement our manufacturing facilities should you require a bespoke solution.  Whether you are looking for IP00 to integrate within your existing systems, special enclosure designs, specific customised options, or simply a wide choice of standard options we can provide the perfect solution for you.

Claude Lyons TS Voltage Stabiliser
Claude Lyons TS Voltage Stabiliser

Maximise Efficiency and Make Savings

Electromechanical voltage stabilisers can also be used for voltage optimisation and energy-saving applications, and to protect equipment where the main incoming power supply voltage is significantly higher than the required voltage for the appliances.  The voltage can be reduced often by up to 12% which can prolong equipment life and offer energy savings of up to 20%.

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