Claude Lyons® EFC Series

Introducing the Claude Lyons® EFC series of variable electronic frequency power supplies

  • Microprocessor controlled utilising SPWM technology (sinusoidal pulse width modulation) to produce varied frequency and voltage output.
  • Output power options ranging from 6 to 600 kVA and enclosure options ranging from IP00 to IP54.
  • Benchtop-enclosed systems ideal for test laboratories.
  • Solid state, low maintenance systems incorporate Infineon® IGBT inverter modules for performance and reliability you can rely on.
  • LED display for live system status, with remote monitoring optional for sites that are not easily accessible.
Electronic Frequency Converters
Claude lyons frequency power supplies
Electronic Frequency Converters

Up to 600 kVA

Variable frequency 45 to 400Hz

0 to 520 V output


Frequency Converter FAQ

  • What is a Frequency Converter?

    A Frequency Converter is a device that converts the AC of one frequency to another frequency. In addition, usually the Frequency Converter will also convert the voltage, providing a variable output.

    These systems can also be referred to as Frequency Changers or AC to AC Frequency converters.

  • What is difference between SFC and RFC?
    SFC Static Frequency Converter – This the modern method of frequency conversion with no moving parts, utilising electronic solid state Pulse Width Modulation units.

    RFC Rotary Frequency Converter – This was the chosen method prior to SFC systems, using electro mechinical motor to generate/adjust the frequency of the waveform.

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