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Claude Lyons have been innovators in voltage and power control going as far back as the company’s beginnings in 1918.

The business entered the field of mains voltage stabilisation and regulation in the late 1930s with a range of constant voltage transformers. The 1950s saw the introduction of servomechanical voltage stabilisers based on the principle of a motorised variable transformer controlling a buck/boost transformer. These stabilisers give the advantage of negligible waveform distortion, independence from mains frequency variations, and the ability to control from a few hundred VA to high powers into the MW region. They have remained the prime method of voltage stabilisation and now incorporate sophisticated microprocessor control, retaining their rugged and reliable qualities.

Continuous product development has provided higher correction speed and improved stabilisation accuracy, gaining worldwide reliance in many industries including broadcasting, energy saving, medical, printing, railways, telecommunications, testing and voltage reduction compensation.