Energy Saving Stabilisers

PowerSave™ ESS from Claude Lyons®

True, dynamic voltage optimisation achieves a greater reduction in both electricity bills and carbon footprint.

The PowerSave™ Energy Saving Regulator (ESS) is proven to achieve greater energy savings than any other available approach. It reduces supply voltage to a controlled, site-adjustable level to ensure your equipment is operating on the optimum voltage and not consuming excess power, delivering energy savings of up to 10%. And as each kWh of electrical energy saved is equivalent to 0.43kg of CO2, it also helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint and meet their Carbon Reduction Commitments.

PowerSave™ ESS Voltage Optimisation technology provides energy savings over and above fixed ratio transformers through greater voltage reduction. It is able to maintain a regulated output even during power dips, so it’s ideal for locations where mains supply quality fluctuates. The stabilised voltage supply can be set at the optimum level for the equipment it powers, and it will stay at that value as the incoming voltage varies. By ensuring that electrical equipment isn’t consuming more power than necessary, the ESS not only reduces overall energy bills – it also prolongs the life of equipment.

Claude Lyons Energy Voltage Optimisers
  • Typical Energy savings of up to 10%
  • Stable and regulated output even during power dips
  • Prolonged equipment life span
  • 99% at full load
  • Adjustable configurations based on site requirements
  • Single and three phase options with ratings of up to 2,400 amps per phase
  • Carbon Trust and Salix funds available
Start Saving Energy in 3 easy steps

Our energy management specialists use the latest technology to analyse your on-site power conditions, and then create a bespoke energy saving strategy to match your site’s requirements – ensuring no capacity is wasted. Our surveys and recommendations are comprehensively documented and supplied with printouts of survey results.

We work with highly qualified and experienced installation engineers to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your PowerSave™ equipment.

PowerSave™ allows equipment to operate at optimum efficiency, lowering energy bills, extending equipment life and reducing carbon footprint.

Having provided an in-depth report on your existing power supply and consumption, we can measure the difference after installation to show you exactly how much energy and money you’re saving.

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